About the Owner


About the owner: 

I TEACH ! What’s your Superpower?!



The owner/administrator briefly describes herself as an “ eternal student and a passionate teacher” The same description resonates to her belief that if you learn (student),you can lead (teacher).

A graduate of AB Journalism from the University of Sto. Tomas, academe has always been her life. Her first job after graduation was as a proof-reader for a religion textbook of a well-known school in Manila. A sales job followed .Becoming an agent of a Science supplement magazine to various schools in Palawan, exposed her more to the academe.Thus,her next job was as an instructor at Palawan State University. Teaching journalism and speech subjects, she found herself younger than her students. The call of motherhood beckoned forcing her to put her career on hold. But tutoring her own children during their growing up years proved to be most fulfilling as her children are all achievers in their own right and graduated from premier university of the country. Still heeding the call of purpose, she still tutored other kids aside from her own.

Year 2005,her family moved to another town.Her plan to put up a tutorial center was temporarily shelved. But still determined to give way to her passion, she immediately offered tutorial service to her neighbor’s kids. Not contented with tutoring, she applied in a big school as teacher to junior and senior high students. She had to stop for a while to tend to their laundry shop business. Managing their old business, her heart feels restless. Raring to pursue her passion, she volunteered to head the Children’s ministry of her church. The experience further honed and fueled her dream .She never stopped praying and serving the Lord. He rewarded her service and her prayer was granted after waiting for 10 long years  .  Thus, year 2015, her dream came to pass .From a small room, measuring 15 square meters; she is now occupying a 50 square meter room. On top of her success, she attributes it to God’s promise to her. Her motto, that no one is too old to keep learning pushed her to dream and learn more.